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Villa Mori Farm

Villa Mori is located behind Villa San Giovanni and develops its vineyards on an area of 4 hectares.

In addition to DOC wines, it produces various types of grappa.

The most famous wines are Elba Rosso Riserva DOC, which goes very well with strong dishes, mature cheeses and grilled meat, and Elba Rosso DOC, which goes very well with fish and white meat.

An invitation to try them and make them known as they represent one of the island’s excellences.

It is possible to taste the wines directly in the Villa Mori cellar and to buy the products directly.

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From our Fields to Our Table

Organic vegetables and extra virgin olive oil

Directly from the fields of the farm to the table of the Villa San Giovanni restaurant, you can taste all the genuineness of the products grown in the fields in the dishes offered by the hotel during your holiday on the Island of Elba.


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