• Lacona



Distance: 7 km

The beach of Lacona, facing south, overlooks the island of Montecristo and is bordered to the west by the Peninsula of Fonza and to the east by the long and thin promontory of Capo Stella characterized by small beaches reachable only by sea.

With about 1.2 km of beach, it is the longest beach on the island of Elba and owes its notoriety to the fine and brilliant golden sand, its southern exposure and the natural and landscape context in which it is immersed.
Further offshore the sand gives way to rock bottoms and posidonia, ideal places for scuba diving.

One of its greatest peculiarities is precisely the fact that it has remained the only beach in the entire Tuscan Archipelago that has managed to preserve some dune areas where the enchanting sea lily blooms with its beautiful white flowers intensely scented.

Ideal for any type of tourist, Lacona is one of the very few beaches on Elba that allows you to enjoy a natural shading near the sea, thanks to the lush and characteristic surrounding pine forest.

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