• Le Ghiaie


Le Ghiaie

Distance: 2 km

Le Ghiaie beach, very close to the historic center of Portoferraio and on the northern side, is renowned for the unparalleled beauty of its seabed and small eurite pebbles smoothed by the sea.

Legend has it that it was on this beach that the Argonauts landed in search of the Golden Fleece and their sweat cloaked the small gravels with blue-gray drops.

During the days of scirocco it is perfect to be admired; the southern winds will in fact further enhance the transparency and clarity of the waters, making it similar to a swimming pool.

Le Ghiaie beach and the stretch of sea in front of it since 1971 is in the Marine Reserve of Biological Protection of the Scoglietto: this has allowed this protected aircraft, due to the richness of the marine flora and fauna present, to become one of the most fascinating points for snorkeling and scuba diving!

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