• Sansone



Distance: 5,5 km

The Beach of Sansone, one of the beautiful and famous “white beaches” in Portoferraio, is located close to the steep white coast typical of the North side that goes from Capo Bianco to Capo Enfola.

The unmissable beach, 300 meters long, is surrounded on the right by a suggestive rock, perfect for those who love to dive, which separates it from the Beach of the Sorgente and, on the left, from a large faraglione ideal for canoeing, kayaking, but also suitable for snorkeling enthusiasts.

The narrow tongue of eurite pebbles is of an almost dazzling whiter and the sea, on the days when the southern winds blow is crystal clear, transparent, presenting a wide variety of rocks, caves and ravines frequented by colorful fish.

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